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King Ngqika’s Biography

King Ngqika's Biography

BORN IN 1778 DIED IN 1829

Here lies Lwaganda of Mlawu. King Ngqika is the son of King Mlawu, son of King Rharhabe, the son of King Phalo of the right hand house. King Ngqika’s other sons are Sandile of the main house, Maqoma of the right hand house, Tyhali of the Ixhiba and Anta of the junior house.

King Ngqika ruled the Rharhabe nation with wisdom and humility. He allowed missionaries, who included Rev. Brownlee and Bennie to build churches and schools; these included Lovedale, Healdtown, St Matthews and Fort Hare University, these became the legacy of education to all people of Africa.

His sons fought gallantly to protect their land and country against the English.

Maqoma, on the other hand, died on Robben Island after the Mlanjeni War, while Sandile was shot and killed at Pirie during the last war between amaXhosa and English

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