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Strategic Management Services



Oyama Ngetu
Secretary to Director


The Director is heading the department and accountable to the Municipal Manager, part of her role and responsibilities are the following:

To assist and co-ordinate the operations for the offices of the Speaker, Executive Mayor, the Chief Whip of Council and the Chairperson of the Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) and coordinating the programs, projects, activities and support for the following Units:

  • Planning and Public Participation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of municipal performance within Amahlathi Local Municipality.
  • Information Communication Technology and support to the departments.
  • Risk management as prescribed in the MFMA as a compliance issue.
  • Communications.
  • Special Programs (Youth, Women, Elderly, Children and the Disabled).
  • To promote and implement the Integrated Development Planning with other spheres of Government including intergovernmental Relations.
  • To gather information and research on specific policies, strategies and programs relevant to Local Government.
  • To ensure explicit alignment between IDP and Budget during planning.
  • To coordinate the implementation of the Performance Management System.
  • To ensure public participation in decision making processes of the Municipality.
  • Identify the Council’s Development priorities and Objectives and internal transformation needs.