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Honoring unsung Heroes and Heroines

On 11 March 2016 in Keiskammahoek, Amahlathi Local Municipality in partnership with various stakeholders honoured and celebrated our great unsung Heroes and Heroines who played a major role in the liberation struggle in South Africa.

The purpose was to honour fallen heroes who sacrificed everything to fight for our freedom. Local communities and school children filled the tent to capacity. Stakeholders who participated in the event were Department of Education, and Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, Amahlathi Crafters Association and local civil societies.

The message for the day was very loud and clear that communities must at all times preserve their history. All the speakers envisaged how important to know where you are coming from, where you are and where you are going so that other nations can learn from us.

The Amahlathi Local Municipality gave the community of Keiskammahoek a vacant plot where they will use to build a monument. The memorial will symbolizes the remembrance of those heroes. The monument will be a tourist attraction which will contribute to the socio-economic development of the Amahlathi Local Municipality.

Mr Norhushe one of the key speakers of the day, gave the attendees a clear narrative on the history of Keiskammahoek and the struggles that took place in the difficult days of fight freedom. Councillor Mhambi as the speaker of the day, stated that “there was always a better way” and it was very important to know our history instead of being ashamed about it.

The day was a huge success as community and school children benefitted from the useful information that was disseminated. We must always remember our icons.

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The Municipal Demarcation Board Notice

The Municipal Demarcation Board has announced that 5 wards from Amahlathi Local Municipality will be moved to neighbouring municipalities, therefore the municipality will be made up of 15 wards. The MDB’s final decisions taken in terms Item 5(2)(b) of the Structures Act, 1998 will soon be published by notice in the relevant Provincial Gazettes.